About Us

Full Service Product Design and Development

Byrd Technology Group, LLC was started in 1996 by Timothy Byrd, a mechanical engineer with 25 years of product design and analytical experience in designing products for industries such as military, commercial, aerospace, and oceanographic.

At Byrd Technology Group, we provide quality mechanical design, rapid prototyping, and rendering services to companies that require quality products delivered on time and within budget. With extensive experience in thermal management and mechanical design services, Byrd Technology combines the power of FEA, CFD and CAD to develop products that are functionally superir and cost effective.

We produce quality product designs for virtually every industry sector, often under tight time schedules and extreme thermal, structural and functional specifications. Reliable Design Services without the hassle of hiring Contract help Byrd Technology Group provides design experts when you need them without the startup fees or wasted time often incurred by hiring a contract engineer or product designer. We work closely with our customers to become familiar with their procedures and products and take pride in delivering products that meet the highest standards every time.

Integrated design and analysis saves time and money

Byrd Technology Group combines analysis and design to provide functional enclosures that meet all product requirements while saving our customers the cost of additional resources. While other design companies consider design and analysis separate phases of product development, we employ the use of CFD and FEA at the outset of the product design cycle. Our integrated approach to the design process eliminates the need for separate analysts and costly redesigns, saving our customers time and money. Our prototyping capabilities and test equipment verify the function and integrity of the product early in the design phase.