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02. Thermal Analysis

When a product incorporates components that can transfer some of their heat energy into the package, there is always a concern that the heat will not be adequately dissipated. This can often result in permanent damage to sensitive devices or even to the package itself.

At Byrd Technology Group, not only do we have over 20 years of experience in thermal design, but we have over 30 years of experience in electronics packaging. This enables us to incorporate heat dissipation concepts directly into the package. Whether it is a fan that snaps into the plastic package or a stamped plate that carries the heat directly from component cases to the ambient air, we have the experience to keep the thermal performance at the highest level while still keeping the cost as low as possible.

iPhone Save Time and Money

Typically a thermal analyst is brought into the product design cycle after much of the PCB design is done. Often the package has also been through the Industrial Design phase and possibly even the Mechanical Design Phase. At this stage, if the thermal analysis reveals a heat transfer problem, the range of solutions can be limited and costly. Our ability to simultaneously design and analyze insures the most cost effective thermal solution is implemented and that it is integrated into the enclosure design, not added on to it.

We specialize in:

CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamic) Analysis
Component Level Analysis
Fan Specification
Heatsink Design
Baffling and System Balancing
Solar Loading
Transient and Steady State Studies

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