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04. Metal Packaging

Sheet Metal is often the packaging material of choice when housing electronics. This is due to its unique electrical characteristics, strength, and fast fabrication methods using minimal tooling. However, metal enclosures often require careful attention to detail due to unique nuances with this packaging style.

Decisions regarding material choice, fastening methods, bend radii, forming practices, fastener reducing interlocking methods, grounding and EMI sealing techniques, finishing methods, and industry tolerances require special attention and expertise to output an ideally optimized final product.


Byrd Technology Group has experience in many forms of metal fabrications and maintains many relationships with fabricators that are able to provide assistance throughout the design process.

We specialize in:

Sheet Metal Design, Standard Rack Mount and custom formed parts, NEBS, Fiber Management
Diecastings, Sand Castings, V-Process, Investment Castings
Stampings, Progressive Die, 4-Slide Design
Machining, CNC, Precision milled and turned

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