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07. Prototyping


Nothing verifies the integrity of a design like a prototype. Snap fits, fastening methods, and assembly techniques can all be tested with a prototype model. However, the key is to obtain the prototype as early in the design cycle as possible.

At Byrd Technology Group, we combine the tried and true methods of machining with the speed and versatility of rapid prototyping. Together, our professional model shop and our own FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) Machine can produce accurate and rapid prototype plastic and metal parts. Our milling machines and lathes can also add any inserts, tap holes and machine features that cannot be produced via FDM.

We provide prototyping as a service separate from our design and analysis services. If you have a part that you would like machined or fused in ABS use there is a link listed below which can be used to send a .stp or .igs file for fast quotation. If you are only interested in FDM parts, a .stl file is preferred, but not required.

We can model any sized part through assembling of interlocking parts, we then solvent bond these pieces together through a method which is actually stronger than the FDM material itself.

Prototyping Capabilities and Equipment Include:

13” X 40” Lathe
Sharp Miller 2D CNC
Stratasys FDM 3D Printer
Painting and Metallization Services

Contact us today for a quote or for more information regarding our Prototyping services.